Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Awakening on a Beach

O the freshness of the salt air! There's nothing like Ocean breeze, quiet morning waves and storm turned stones. I took time to walk a few of my favorite beaches yesterday on my way home from town,looking for semi-precios stones and solitude. After walking a hour or so up one beach the scene before me turned from beach rocks to virgin sands right up to my boulder size holey stone. Usually its a long hike over larger rocks and seaweed covered puddles. The large shards stood up like small mountians with the greeness of the cliff behind them. Among the shards were smaller stones, washed up by the storm. A nice selection of rubites, jade pieces and calacite. Also I found a few darker spar pieces for my already full jar on my bedroom stand : )
This place is the spot a few years ago I had found this mountain of rock complete with a 'X' to mark the spot on the beach below.The X stone was completely buried under the freshness of the sands but I took time to sit and meditate on the quiet turning of the tides with the sea birds calling to me about the Universal connection we all share. The sand pipers scurried up to me, not noticing that I was not a stone to pick at whatever it is they eat at my feet. After sitting awhile,smiling down at them, I decided to chirp, to let them know I was there before I got up so not to scare them tooooo much! Before I left I touched the man in the stone, thanking him for the easy walk and the find of diamonds along the way. Hoping you enjoy the photos.