Monday, June 17, 2013

Moses vs the People

"I AM who I AM" ~Exodus 3:14

I was listening to a sermon on Sunday at my Church about how the people of Israel didn't want to believe Moses was trying to rescue them. ( Book of Exodus 3)
It reminded of how we all try to accomplish our tasks set before us. Even the simplest deed seems impossible if we don't have the determination to begin. I like to try and start something new right away, pacing myself, trying to be patient and looking for inspiration in the project itself.

How do you do this?
1~ Start each day be smiling at yourself in a mirror, you ARE the most important person in your life!
2~ Pay for yourself first. Whether it be a nice meal or a new outfit.
3~ Listen to your own suggestions before you take someone elses opinion of what should be done. ONLY YOU can decide if its best for you.

and finally...
4~ Always do your best because...God works thru you...Acts 7:25

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