Saturday, October 20, 2012

Revelation #6

A pin for the impatient...

Another week has come and past-ed...I've spent much of it on the beach, walking and gathering 'stones' with my friend, who has now left for his home...again. Times are changing for both of us and soon I must make a desision on what to do about 'him'...
 Anyway, I went Wednesday night to my SAR meeting so missed my Soul Shift study chapter ' Seen to Unseen'...punny.... I have borrowed the CD to watch before tomorrow so I can do the home-work for next Wednesday night ; )

My Thursday morning study on Revelation was another matter...the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, plus others. I was not impressed with the description. I have my own ideas that what was predicted has been with us all along... famine, poverty, murder and the unjust. Personally, I see the White Horse representing the rightous self, not  the Anti-Christ victor... We are in times of change now, why do we suffer? because we choose to, most of the time. We as humans tend to need too much in this 21th century. We need to transcend to a simplier way of life ♥
link- Revelation 6

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