Saturday, October 20, 2012

Prisms- Color that Heals

Prisms have always fascinated me sense I was a child. I remember a very much older woman who came to stay in the empty apartment in my building when I was about 5 years old. She never spoke to anyone except me, inviting me in for cookies and chat. She stayed only there a few weeks before disappearing with all her things, giving me a rhinestone necklace to remember her by.

All her belongings were packed into cardboard boxes around her as we
would set facing each other in her flat. My name was Princess Patrica Marie when we had our tea with raisin scones, dressing in our best the chat. The woman told me many stories
about her family, stopping occasionally to pick thru her boxes to
show me varies items she had collected over her life. One was a
crystal lamp with cut crystal 'tear drops' which hang off it. When
placed in the sun lit window, showed beautiful prisms of colours on
the rooms walls. She told me these were healing lamps and the colours
made people feel better, just by looking at them.

Now, many years later, I still love prisms. I keep  them in the window of my
meditation room, basking in the healing colours. 

 Prism colours heal on different planes, reaching the Spirit Plane, an inner dimension that is much higher then our physical realm. The dominant colour on this plane, is purple, just as the dominant colour of our physical world is green.
Each colour for me represents a chakra. Red base, orange
sacral,yellow solar, green heart, blue voice,indigo eye, purple crown
and white spirit...

The prism colours work with the divine help of Spirit and lifts the
mediators consciousness to higher levels. Meditating on the problems
and health concerns activates the Prism. Healing energy flows thru
the colours, and gently covers, surrounds, and penetrates, the inner
body's request for healing. The healing 'atoms' vibrate, with the
inner body and raises energy. Meditating on the colours
brings the vibrations were they are needed, descending
back to our physical bodies.

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