Friday, September 21, 2012

What a Cow!

I'll bet lots of people remember dreading that first day of school, walking down the corridors full of new faces, wondering who the bullies would be.
When I was a child in grade school there were lots of them. Being a submissive personby nature these often made my life miserable with mean taunts of name calling. One in particular I remember was 'Cow"...

How I hated that. Nothing ever seemed to be done by the teachers of the time about this daily torture to many by just a few, even after many trips by my Grand Mother to the Principle's office. Finally I stopped telling as the bullies made my life worst. When I got to Junior High School, where the staff was a different type ,there was nothing like that as these bossy indiviuals were expelled if a problem arouse..thank goodness!

As the years progress after I graduated,I hadn't thought of this much till one day at a work break another staff member and I started to exchange stories. He reminded me that in past times, and even now in some cultures, the Cow is considered sacred. In ancient times the Cow was used as a God symbol, worshiped by everyone.It was nice to realize this ,to let go of something I had dreaded, being called a Cow. Before I realized it, though, he started calling me 'Cow' again...
I would be standing in the work place doing something and he would walk up behind me,softly whisper cow and walk away. I was upset. I didn't know what to do so I ignored it. Wrong thing to do. Maybe, but I learned to value the other true meaning and enpower myself with being called Cow again.

The other day I was walking down the corridor of a place had I volunteered for the day. Standing in the hall was a young man who has autism. He was talking to himself and writing notes in a journaling book he carries with him all the time. As I passed him, he said "What a Cow." I stopped and looked at him. He looked up at me, coming awake for a moment from his dream and realized, with a troubled look on his face what he had just said. I smiled at him and said 'Thank you." He smiled back at me, then, just as sudden, returned to his dream. I thanked the Universe, also, and continued on my journey, too.

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