Friday, September 21, 2012

Here and Now, There and Then- Part One

(A note from the Lecture Series on the Book of Revelation)

My first session was on Thursday at the Church hall. It was well attended with over 30 women, all anxious to hear what Beth Moore had to say about the apostle John's apocalypsis of the Book of Revelation, written about 90 AD.
As my friend's here know, I'm still job hunting and broke most of the time so a unexpecting Angel purchased the work-book for these sessions for me at a cost of over $20 a book. A special Blessing to this wonderful woman, sent from the Divine to help me on my quest : )

We looked mostly Chapter One, parables 1 to 8 in the 22 chapter scripture.Beth Moore spoke on the sybolizism in this work, mentioning the use of 7's in Revelation. She said ' 7' is a perfection symbol. I couldn't help but think of my use of this number. To me it represent Justice, a teacher or sorts, that helps us to realize the Divine in the mundrane. For a example,she spoke of John 12:49- "For I did not speak on my own but for the Father (GOD) who sent me to say all I have spoken."
We talked of the Christ, who is the Alpha and Omega. I couldn't help but visualize the Tree of Life here, We start with the Kingdom, working to the Yesod or teacher who I see as 7 here. We then work up the Tree towards the Crown, depending on our path. Jesus was obviously moving towards the Alpha, the obvious path, opposite of where I find myself at times. The Christ tried at that time to speak to us, as said in John 15:15- "God tells me and I tell you in a way you can understand"... Isn't that what Christians want? A easier way to find their goals in faith? I think so. There is hope for higher learning here...
as for me- Exodus 3:14- I AM who I AM.

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