Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pairings Event

I had a great time today at the Annual Pairing event at the local Yarmouth Museum. This was my second time participating. This year, in honor of the 250th birthday of Yarmouth, we choose artifacts from the Yarmouth Musuem for our subject. there were many interesting things to choose from. Shirley Hatfield and myself choose a beautiful recreation of a dress made from Oriental fabric. The dress also has a journal from the Captain of the vessel which brought it to Yarmouth and can be viewed at the Museum.

It was very nice to have a large gathering to view the many paintings of local artists and lisiten to the poetry and short stories from our Write-away group. The exhibit will be available for viewing till July 30th ♥

Silken Blossoms

by Beverly Pinkney

Tenderly he took her by a small hand

moving with the crimson gold of the silk’s soft swish.

To the dance floor they went as others panned

giving themselves up tto the music's bliss.

Her Captain moved her into the dance.

One long year she'ld awaited his ship's return

the garment she had worn by chance,

came from the Orient was quickly discerned.

Her red and gold cherry blossom dress

swayed softly to the walz that filled the Hall's air.

So sadly, his kindness and love she had missed

from World's apart: together again now they could share.

For the story of the silk blossoms told

of adventures and many happy times of Old.

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