Tuesday, March 22, 2011

...still here...

I realized today itrs been a week sense I posted in my journal. Lots happening with moving, ferry service debate, Yarmouth SPCA Vanguard paper article comments, Japan's disaster,ect. Have not seen anymore of James (trylen) sense I told him off last Thursday which is good. I really don't want to.I'm hoping he was home for a visit and returning to misery ( Missouri) to be with his soul- mate... : Q

Getting ready to move has been a struggle. so much to pack, my daughter can't help much as her pregnancy has her limited in physical efforts. I collected my antique furniture from my old companion Austin on the weekend. he's had it for 2 years so was happy I finally got it ( a letter from a lawyer was necessary of course). Im hoping to be into the house by Monday. Calling to have the phone disconnected today so I won't have internet for a week probably.
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