Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bull shit again...

Please read the bottom comments...the supervisor Renata tweedy has left the building...she quit!
Vanguard Article Link Press Here
My comments to this article...
March 9, 2011 at 08:40:07 To think the shelter parntners with those trying to help the over population by helping rescuers is false. I recently (September 2010) rescued a feral mother cat who, of course, produced 4 kittens with in days. I raised these cats on my own after the local shelter refused to except them because they 'could' have feline leukimia. Last week I approached a board member to request a cat carrier to take 2 kittens to the vet to be altered and was refused. I had already had mommie fixed in January and a male fixed in february. i did not request any financal support from that shelter. I know for a fact they regularly loan our equipment . Why then was I refused? No answers will ever be given me except that i critizied their no kill policy( they still euthanize regularly at the shelter) and I removed a group from facebook that I created when they demanded I either give it to the or delete it. I deleted it. Why? Because after 13 years of working at the shelter they told me when I left their employment I was no longer allowed to volunteer because staff were 'talking about me'. So thank YOU, Yarmouth SPCA. I gave my best to the animals there.I loved them and often took them home because I couldn't kill them for you. I gave my free time them. I cared 24/7 for them and was on call even when I was off sick. i will never give a dime now to help YOU. I WILL help other rescues because they do care for the PEOPLE who help them, not just the animals.
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