Friday, December 5, 2014

A Season's Greeting

I received a Christmas card from the former board members/president of Yarmouth SPCA,
Tony and Mavis yesterday. Their card to me found them well, moved to a new
 home and just back from an adventure in Hawaii where they visited volcano's by helicopter.
 How exciting!       Also my friend's Lyle and Martha have been in touch as they have moved back closer to me in Maine. Plans are in the air for a possible visit in the New Year.   Two Christmas parties loom in the near future,too, and my pagan friends have special rites for their traditional holiday blessings for me to attend, also.
  Gifts have arrived already from my friend, "Sebastian" and dinner is planned...  alone together...       
I'll be spending my holiday time with my grown children and friends. Its a busy time filled with loving friends. Hoping all is well for my fans here and your days are filled with stars. Thank you for your constant patronize and comments/messages!



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