Monday, November 10, 2014

Written in Stone

A Question from Jeanne
~ Do you know what the white stone meant in Revelations?

My answer for you Jeanne-
A white stone was used to gain admission to certain events in Roman times.( Rev 2:17) That would imply that those who overcome will be granted admission to the Kingdom.I was also thinking about the manna. As we know, that was given in the Exodus while they wandered. Some of the manna was placed in a pot and stored in the ark of the covenant. The ark disappeared from earth, but is mentioned in Rev 11:9 as being seen within God's temple. As your question refers to an earlier part of Revelation, John could have had that manna from the hidden ark in mind.
Hope that helps, but Revelation's symbols make it quite easy to interpret if you study them. Ironic that it's name means "to show that which is hidden."

Sumariam scriptues

"Like a beam of light related to the sun, so man is also related to the Source
We have the features of the Father.
We are the ears of the Father."

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