Thursday, July 11, 2013

The "Udder"

The Universe sure works in mysterious ways some times...after working 12 hour shifts for weeks now it seems I only had to work 2 half days in a row.
Taking advantage of this free time, I went again this evening to pay homage to the stones I had found over the last 3 years. When arriving, I went to the shore to sit among the rocks before climbing up the hill to view 'Utter'. Clearing my energy and meditating in the cool September air, many thoughts came to mind. I wondered for a answer to my question of where it is I'm going, what task lay before me now and thanking the Universe for my many blessing/ lessons of the last 10 years.
I noticed then at my feet were several large pieces of blue stone I hadn't seen before. Picking one up to examine I remembered this is quartzite used to make pipe bowl the native called 'peace pipes'. I choose a trangular shaped one for my altar and put it in my bag .
Then looking up, I could see a man, standing above me on the bluff. What a surprise it was to see him as I thought I was alone there, not being any other cars when I arrived...
Gathering up my things to start up the hill, I wondered who this person was who stood so quiet and obviouly watched me meditate. When I got to the top of the bluff he was still there watching me.

"Hello there." I said. "How are you this evening? " Fine." He told me, all smiles. I didn't recondnize him but he did me! "I watch your videos on 'youtube' ." he said. Sudden shock! I almost fell over remembering the recent one of me showing my toes while sitting in my bath tub, kittens walking the edge of it and lapping up the bath water...
"Really..." I exclaimed. "Yes, I enjoyed the view of Mavilette beach in the wind storm.", he smiled. O God .I thought. We then went on to exchange names ( Norm was his) , talk about my potatoes growing ( also on youtube) and our love of the ocean. After I walked up the shore several hundred feet where a kind soul ,(he told me his Uncle) had left lawn chairs. I sat in one looking out over the ocean waiting for him to leave so I could do my rite.
Lo and behold there was a schooner sailing on the horizon. I looked to see if he had noticed but he was back to me, looking the other direction. He did leave eventually and I made my way back to where the stone altar was on the shore among the rocks. Taking the steel brush from my bag, I took sea water and scrubbed the paint graffiti from the altar as much as I could. I then said a cleansing prayer, asking for the negativity to be removed from this sacred place.Lying a heart shaped white quartz I had found on the beach on it, I lit a offering of dried sweet pea to the Universe, said my 'prayers' , then throw my offering into the raising tide. The 'Utter' obliged me with a constant booming of gratitude after so long being un-noticed...AND defiled. Sitting after watching the waves I noticed a black harbour porpoise. He surfaced many times. This gave me a great joy and 'wakening'. I had never seen one so close to shore before! How magic after asking the Universe to guide me ♥

Walking back to my car after I went down the twisted path, between the hills of grass and sand. There, sitting among the hills was a white car. O No...I wondered who THAT was. I wondered if they has seen me...
Getting closer I saw it was 'Norm", my 'youtube' fan.
"Did you find what you were looking for?" .he asked.
My heart jumped.I looked back at him thru the window of his car. I couldn't see any angel wings...

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