Monday, July 15, 2013

Note to my friend, Wilfed- Shards

Hello Wilfred,
I had a very interesting day and wanted to share with you. About 4 years ago you featured a photo at the Yarmouth Natal Day Quiz of the Shards in Wellington taken in the 1930's(?). I have been looking for them ever sense. Tonight on my way home from the Cape. I decided to drive thru the lakeside road. When almost to Cedar Dr I looked to my right and saw the top of a stone thru the trees. Suddenly I remembered my 'Quest" and hit the brake, parking on the side of the road and taking my camera I hiked thur the tall grass and trees to find the Shards!
Their must be at least 30 feet high and stand side by side in a small thick of trees.Here is a picture for you. Thank you so much for showing the picture at the Natal Day Quiz that year ♥
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