Monday, July 22, 2013


I’ve often wondered why people stalk others on-line…Jealousy. Hate? Dominating? Maybe they just want to be like me…care free, loving and a natural forgiver. Carry on; I enjoy your posts, too…

In the USA and Canada, it is probably illegal to spy/hack/hide on some one’s on-line accounts.

 There are so many things you can't do.

 Spying on someone might be considered an act of terrorism.

 That would get your life in prison!

You have to check all Federal and state laws.

 Private investigators would be able to give you more insight on what you can do and can't do.

Here is an example of how distorted the laws are in the USA:

 They had an assault rifle ban. To be an assault rifle the fire arm has to meet certain criteria, but the law states that if the ATFB feels that the fire arm is ugly it can be considered an assault rifle. In other words if the gun doesn't look like a beautiful hunting gun and looks like something out of a terminator movie, it is an assault rifle.

So you might be considered a spy for a terrorist group if you’re not careful.

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