Friday, December 19, 2014

Connecting Tree Auras

Tree Auras-

Energy to grow by…

I have often wondered as I have walked the softwood
 cloaked trails of my local area, if anyone else takes
 the time to stop and notice the trees. There are lots 
to learn from watching trees. They
 grow into the environment they inhabit, depending 
on the minerals found in the soil, the terrain and 
water available. They provide a home, safety for
 birds, windbreaks for humans, plus other things
 as recycling carbon monoxide into oxygen for
 the whole planet.

Sitting with them during meditation, one can often 
connect with the energy they provide for us. 
I often try to focus on one individual tree, as 
there are many varieties here in Nova Scotia. 
Quietly observing for several minutes.
 My senses begin to connect with the tree.
 I find in my mind the energy stored with-in is 
branches as it begins to glow to a halo. 
A prism unfolds with-in the branches, moving 
to the tip of every bough. Rainbow colors 
spiraling round and round the tree until it 
has filled with a lucid light. The tree speaks 
to me of all its days, as it reached to the sky. 
It tells of harder times, when the wind has ripped 
its bows, stripping it of its personal protection, 
only to have new growth there later. Its scent 
fills my nostrils with fresh fragrance that moves
 thru my body, healing my muscles, re-focusing 
my mind then returning to the air surrounding me.
 I stay as long as possible with the tree. Its time
 has no meaning, I think...I have that internal clock 
ticking constantly, reminding me of something else 
to do. How sad for me that I can't stay with the living
 wood that the Creator has provided for my

 my nature connection
I return
a mundane world,
walking up
the lane to

 my home…☼

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