Thursday, November 8, 2012

No-Vember Up-date

I'm still here...I couldn't get to up-date for the last week as I had a bit of a accident at home on October 30th, just as Hurricane Sandy stuck out home Town, , leaving me house bound for the last 9 days...
It was after supper, about 8pm, I went to call a friend and discovered my cell phone had been left in my car. We were having a rain down-pour complete with thunder/lightning at the time, of course. Hurrying from the house in my night dress with my umbrella. Just as jumped off the door step into the fresh muck, my feet slipped out from under me. I hear/felt a snap in my right leg. Major pain! Lying there in the pouring torrents, screaming in agony, I thought for sure I had broken my leg. No one around to hear me, either. I laid there for a few minutes, muck oozing thru my nightie, trying to decide if I should crawl back into the house or go for the car. I decided to try for the car. Using my umbrella for leverage I just barely got up and hopped on one leg to the car, Got my cell phone, then hopped back into the house. Getting inside, I went to the bathroom to look in the mirror at my leg. It was already swelled to twice its size! I cleaned up as best as I could and got a sweet drink as I couldn't stop shaking ( shock). After several hours of cold water treatment, I was able to get a bit of sleep. The next morning, I called my friend to tell her I couldn't go help at our Fall Festival. She got in touch with a few others and they have been helping me till now to get groceries, feed horses and check out stuff of me : )
I could walk with the help of a chair to lean on but no weight for the first 4 days making it hard to shower, get Molly out for a pee and cook at the stove. Thankfully, several friends bought cooked meals for me, many Thanks and Blessing to those treasured people !♥

Of course, November 1 was the day I was suppose to go get my uniform and badge for the new job! I call work and they said to come when I felt better, so today, November 8th, I went to pick up my new badge! It will still be a while before I get my permanent placement but I will get to work, never the less ♥
                                                              October 31,2012

                                                          November 8,2012
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