Monday, October 29, 2012

Ask to Listen- Soul Shift

I took part today at the Church, volunteering for the Mac & Cheese Monday meal for the children attending the High School next door. They were very happy to have the free meal, staying though lunch to play in the gym then hurry back before the bell rang. It was nice to see all the happy faces well fed!

Because of my work scheduling and other activites this week, I took part Sunday in the Soul Shift study at the Church. The lesson, "Ask to Listen". We had a very good instructor and the main focus was " Do Ya Hear Me Now?" : )
 The Pastor saids we all need to put a big "L" in our life!

What are our goals when trying to listen to what the Divine offers us"
1- Be filled with the Spirit
2- Get alone and quiet
3-Listen to the holy scriptures
4- Be open to other ways the Divine speaks
-thru other people
-thru your circumstances

Scriptures to read- Mark4:9, Mark 423 and Mark 5:5-8

I feel all of us can look at our life and see where the Universe is trying to tell us SOME-THING! Today for me it was macaroni with cheese  happy faces ♥

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