Friday, September 14, 2012

Bathing Ritual

A bath is a ritual for me. I love to light a candle, turn on some soft music and fill my old bath tub with bubbles. The size of the Tub allows me to sit right to my neck in water if I like and comtemplate life in general... I have also been known to fall asleep and wake up in cold water and my dog, Elfie, has rescued me a few times when this has happened by standing beside the tub and barking at me
: )
The Bath Tub was one of the reasons I love the old house I rent. When I was a small child we lived in a home with a similar one. I was allowed to fill it to the brim and 'swim' around, pretending I was a fish. Also there was the assortment of boats, duckies and other float toys of the day to play with. I was usually hauled screaming from a ice cold bath water by my Grand Mother as I never wanted to be taken out of my water playground.

The tradition of a bath is a ancient one dating back before anyone even remembered to write about it. The Romans were famous for their baths, dedicated to their Gods and only certain persons were allowed to take part.Even now people travel world-wide to be healed in salt baths, mud baths and mineral waters.

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